Insightful guide on gas-powered pressure washers

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Pressure washers are a display of modern technology it’s finest when it comes to outdoor cleaning. This guide provides information on how to arrive at the best electric or gas powered pressure washers.

Insightful guide on gas-powered pressure washers

How do pressure washers work?

gfhfghgfhgfhgfhYou can describe them as outdoor cleaners, pressure cleaners or power washers. Pressure washers operate on a standard principle irrespective of what powers them. Water is directed into the pump at the low pressure just to be met by a motor (powered by gas) and ejected out at high pressure through the spray nozzle. If a garden hose is unable to wash off dirt, pressure washers can do it.

Gas powered pressure washers

This device gives you the power and mobility to handle larger jobs, for instance, cleaning patios, decks, exterior siding, and sidewalks. Other gas powered pressure washers need to require a manual push-start button to commence.

So, how can one select the best outdoor equipment?

The power capability of your pressure washer will depend on the tasks you want it to handle. Remember that pressure output in gallons per minute. The power being generated is measured by pounds per square inch. Pressure sprayers operating with high GPM and PSI clean faster. The higher the numbers, the quicker its ability to clean this surfaces in real time.

  • The light duty washer – this machine is best suited when handling smaller tasks around the home. They run on 1300 to 2000 Psi and hardly exceed 2 GPM. When cleaning patio furniture, vehicles, grills, decks and patios, they are your best option.
  • Medium duty – This category of pressure washers run on over 2000 Psi and 2 to 3 GPM. They are good for both domestic and shop use. They comprise of premium components which are studier and more powerful. This makes it easy to clean exterior fences, siding, walkways, and driveways.
  • Heavy duty – Best suited for commercial use, these power washers deliver 2900 to 3000 Psi at an average of 3.5 GPM. Their outstanding qualities are power and durability. They can handle large tasks such as taking off graffiti work or paint-stripping a home.
  • Multi-duty – the multi-duty washers have the capability to be adjusted to conform to different pressure flows and water temperatures.

How best to operate a pressure washer

gfhgfhfghfghgfhA pressure washer is used by the cleaning task you are confronted with. As a first, once you buy the machine, take time to learn how it’s operated by reading the owner’s manual. You can wear eye and ear protection to safeguard yourself from stray debris. Do not leave your paint gun unattended to when your machine is still running. Run it on a suitable spray and nozzle setting while positioning yourself at a safe distance that keeps you safe. Do not point your pressure gun to animals, plants or people. Keep it as far away as possible from power sources and electrical fixtures.

Remember to maintain

All mechanical devices require routine maintenance, this ensures that they have a long life. Always inspect the pressure washer before and after use. The gas powered pressure washers need more maintenance than the electric powered version.